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  • News 03 Jul 2020

    Smoking or Vaping Whilst waiting in Queues

    Following correspondence from concerned members of the public on the practice of smoking or vaping whilst waiting in que…

  • News 02 Jul 2020

    PPE Masks - Wear and tear issues with limited batches

    We have been made aware that, although meeting rigorous safety checks, based on user feedback some batches of PPE masks …

  • Circular 01 Jul 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)13 - NHS Pharmacy First Scotland - Service Specifications and Approved List of Products.

    The Scottish Government has released circular PCA(P)(2020)13 relating to NHS Pharmacy First Scotland directions and serv…

  • News 30 Jun 2020

    Prescription Collection – Thursday 2nd July 2020

    Thursday 2nd July 2020 is prescription collection courier day. We would like to say a big Thank You to all our pharmacy …

  • News 29 Jun 2020

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to download or you can view it via the App.

  • News 24 Jun 2020

    Remote Prescribing by NHS 24 Clinicians

    NHS24 have an important message about a new way of working with community pharmacy and are set to introduce a new approa…

  • News 22 Jun 2020

    COVID-19 Risk Assessments

    Risk Assessment Statement from Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC The emerging evidence surrounding COVID-19 is…

  • News 15 Jun 2020

    Courier Bags

    We know the scenario all too well. It’s prescription collection time, you go to retrieve a Parcelforce bag to put your p…

  • News 09 Jun 2020

    Independent Prescribing: 2020/21 Funding

    The original Pharmacy First Service launch briefings and roadshows included initial details for planning and funding for…

  • Circular 08 Jun 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)11 - NHS Near Me

    The Scottish Government has released circular PCA(P)(2020)11 which informs community pharmacy contractors of NHS Near Me…

  • News 29 May 2020

    Update on Ranitidine Oral Suspension

    As you will likely know, there have been ongoing supply issues with Ranitidine products, as detailed in MSAN (2020) 39. …

  • News 27 May 2020

    NES Survey - Experiential Learning 2020/21

    Robert Gordon University, the University of Strathclyde and NES Pharmacy are keen to explore how to safely deliver exper…

  • News 20 May 2020

    NHS 24 Coronavirus Communication Equalities Toolkit

    NHS 24 have developed brand new communication channels to help as many people as possible access the COVID-19 informatio…

  • Circular 20 May 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)10 - Amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 Discount Clawback Scale

    This circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards on the amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 clawbac…

  • News 14 May 2020

    Delivery Services - SOPs

    All pharmacy delivery SOPs will have a safety check built in to follow up on the welfare of patients in the event of rep…