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Adjusted Prices

Guidance on the latest Adjusted Prices for pharmacy teams in Scotland

Important Update:

The NHS Pharmacy First Scotland Approved List of products has been updated, to find the latest version click this link.

  • Circular 18 Jan 2021

    PCA(P)(2021)01 - COVID 19 – Community Pharmacy: NHS Medicines Delivery Service

    This circular sets out the arrangements for a new time-limited medicines delivery service to be deployed by the Communit…

  • News 18 Jan 2021

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to download or you can view it via the App.

  • News 18 Jan 2021

    Prescription Collection – Thursday 21st January 2021

    Thursday 21st January 2021 is prescription collection courier day. In the event your January has been as busy as Decembe…

  • News 14 Jan 2021

    ePharmacy Infrastructure Upgrade – Advance Notice of Unavailability

    The ePharmacy Infrastructure is to undergo a significant upgrade. The ePharmacy Message Store (ePMS) and Pharmacy Care R…

  • News 14 Jan 2021

    Pharmacy Teams Self-Isolation and Shielding Monthly Data Capture

    With the further restrictions put in place it was agreed with the CPS Board to create a platform for recording the numbe…

  • News 14 Jan 2021

    Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately)

    is a codeword scheme developed by the Home Office to provide a discreet way for victims of domestic abuse to signal that…

  • News 14 Jan 2021

    Inhaler Dispensing

    Spiriva Respimat Inhalation Solution Cartridge with Device (2.5mcg/dose) is a commonly prescribed inhaler which comes as…

  • News 07 Jan 2021

    NHS Pharmacy First Prescribing - Top Tips

    At CPS, we always strive to ensure our members are in the know and can claim accurately for the work that they carry out…

  • News 31 Dec 2020

    NHS 24 Feedback Survey - Coming Soon!

    Next week, we will be working with our colleagues at NHS24 to gather your feedback on what has gone well and what could …

  • News 21 Dec 2020

    October eSchedules Update

    You will soon receive your eSchedules detailing your payments for the month of October, paid December. In light of this,…

  • News 17 Dec 2020

    Brexit & Community Pharmacy - Guidance

    As of 14/12/20, we do not know if a deal will be struck between the UK Government and the EU around the terms of our exi…

  • News 16 Dec 2020

    Pharmacy First - Changes to UCF and Prescription Submission

    With the introduction of the new national Pharmacy First service, and the resulting changes to the minor ailments servic…

  • News 16 Dec 2020

    Important message from NHS 24

    The Head of Pharmacy at NHS 24 has an important message for community pharmacy teams

  • Circular 07 Dec 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)28 - Community Pharmacy - Margin and Tariff Support

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)28 advises NHS Boards and community pharmacy contractors of changes in the Drug Tariff with respect…

  • News 02 Dec 2020

    Help find Treatments for COVID-19

    PRINCIPLE is a nationwide clinical study from the University of Oxford to find COVID-19 treatments for the over 50s that…

  • Press Release 01 Dec 2020

    Financial Recognition for Community Pharmacy

    CPS is delighted with the news yesterday that pharmacy team members will be financially recognised by Scottish Governm…

  • Circular 27 Nov 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)27 - COVID-19 Financial Support for Community Pharmacy

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)27 sets out the agreed payment(s) to be made to community pharmacy contractors for COVID-19 related…

  • News 26 Nov 2020

    Pharmacy First Activity Payment

    You should now have received your eSchedules relating to the month of September, which were sent out yesterday. You may …

  • Circular 26 Nov 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)26 - COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)26 puts in place a framework which NHS Health Boards may use to enter into future agreements with a…