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  • News 03 Aug 2020

    NHS PFS – National Patient Group Directions

    In case you missed it in amongst all the flurry of communications around NHS Pharmacy First Scotland, the national PGDs …

  • News 03 Aug 2020

    Community Pharmacy and Test and Protect

    This letter updates the pharmacy network on the latest around Test and Protect, face coverings and PPE use. In lig…

  • Press Release 29 Jul 2020

    The A.R.T of Pharmacy Report

    Community Pharmacy Scotland is delighted to highlight this report into the ART (Advice, Referral and Treatment) of pharm…

  • News 27 Jul 2020

    Disallowed Items- Update

    Every month you will receive your eSchedule from P&CFS, with a section regarding items that have been disallowed. At…

  • News 03 Aug 2020

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated (03/08/2020) and is now available to download or you can view it via the…

  • News 23 Jul 2020

    NHS 24 Prescribing Communications to Pharmacies

    NHS 24 are introducing a new approach for remote prescribing where we would now be sending an email to the community pha…

  • Circular 21 Jul 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)14 - NHS Near Me Implementation Guidance

    This circular updates information previously sent to NHS Boards and community pharmacy contractors in circular PCA(P) (2…

  • News 21 Jul 2020

    NES Resources Supporting Provisionally Registered & Senior Pharmacists

    The GPhC registration assessment is the final requirement for GPhC registration following successful completion of the M…

  • News 30 Jul 2020

    Prescription Collection – Tuesday 4th August 2020

    Tuesday 4th August 2020 is prescription collection courier day.  As the lockdown restrictions start to ease and we begin…

  • News 16 Jul 2020

    Guidance Sheet: NHS Pharmacy First Scotland in the Care Home setting

    On the 29th of July 2020, a new service which offers consultations and advice for minor illnesses will be launched in al…

  • News 16 Jul 2020

    Applications open for CPHB Associate Members

    Some CPHB Committees still have vacancies available for Associate Members for the new term 2019-2022. Any Associate Memb…

  • News 15 Jul 2020

    NHS Pharmacy First Scotland: GP team guidance

    This week, the Scottish Government have sent all GP practice teams a short guidance leaflet on NHS Pharmacy First Scotla…

  • News 16 Jul 2020

    Domestic Abuse - Safe Spaces

    Together we can end Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

  • News 13 Jul 2020

    Employing a Pre-Registered Pharmacist - Information from the GPhC

    Employing a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist -  Information from GPhC for Employers

  • News 09 Jul 2020

    Sale and Provision of COVID 19 Rapid Antibody Testing

    Statement on the Sale and Provision of COVID 19 Rapid Antibody Testing

  • News 07 Jul 2020

    Face Coverings – Guidance for Pharmacy Teams

    Following the Scottish Government’s announcement that face coverings would be mandatory in enclosed indoor spaces such a…

  • News 03 Jul 2020

    Smoking or Vaping Whilst waiting in Queues

    Following correspondence from concerned members of the public on the practice of smoking or vaping whilst waiting in que…

  • News 02 Jul 2020

    PPE Masks - Wear and tear issues with limited batches

    We have been made aware that, although meeting rigorous safety checks, based on user feedback some batches of PPE masks …