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Access to the Part 7 App for pharmacy teams in Scotland

Adjusted Prices

Guidance on the latest Adjusted Prices for pharmacy teams in Scotland

Important Update:

Visit our COVID-19 Key Worker's page for essential letters for pharmacy teams.

  • News 02 Jun 2020

    Test and Protect: PPE guidance for pharmacy teams

    If you watched Harry’s video last week, you will have picked up that the Test and Protect scheme which is central to Sco…

  • News 01 Jun 2020

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated (01/06/2020) and is now available to download or you can view it via the…

  • News 29 May 2020

    Update on Ranitidine Oral Suspension

    As you will likely know, there have been ongoing supply issues with Ranitidine products, as detailed in MSAN (2020) 39. …

  • News 27 May 2020

    NES Survey - Experiential Learning 2020/21

    Robert Gordon University, the University of Strathclyde and NES Pharmacy are keen to explore how to safely deliver exper…

  • News 27 May 2020

    NHS Near Me and Community Pharmacy

    Many of you will have heard of NHS Near Me (or Attend Anywhere) which is a video consultation platform that has been led…

  • News 20 May 2020

    NHS 24 Coronavirus Communication Equalities Toolkit

    NHS 24 have developed brand new communication channels to help as many people as possible access the COVID-19 informatio…

  • Circular 20 May 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)10 - Amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 Discount Clawback Scale

    This circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards on the amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 clawbac…

  • News 14 May 2020

    Delivery Services - SOPs

    All pharmacy delivery SOPs will have a safety check built in to follow up on the welfare of patients in the event of rep…

  • News 13 May 2020

    New digital wellbeing hub for Scotland

    A new website to support those working in health and social care has been launched. Whether you are an employer or an em…

  • News 13 May 2020

    COVID-19 - Reordering PPE Clarification

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE for COVID-19) Guidance for pharmacy teams UPDATED 13/05/20 - Following a letter from…

  • News 11 May 2020

    Changes to the PVG Scheme

    Disclosure Scotland have made temporary changes to how applications are processed.  They have been working closely with …

  • News 29 May 2020

    Prescription Collection – Tuesday 2nd June 2020

    Tuesday 2nd June 2020 is prescription collection courier day. We would like to say a big Thank you to all our pharmacy t…

  • News 28 Apr 2020

    NHS 24 - Phoned in Prescriptions

    NHS 24 are, understandably, handling more calls than ever throughout this pandemic. They are also doing much more prescr…

  • News 18 May 2020

    COVID-19 - Prison Release Partner Letter

    The following letter from Quentin Fisher, Deputy Director of the Community Justice Division concerns the powers in the C…