Part 7

Access to the Part 7 App for pharmacy teams in Scotland

Adjusted Prices

Guidance on the latest Adjusted Prices for pharmacy teams in Scotland

Important Update:

The NHS Pharmacy First Scotland approved list of products has been updated, to find the latest version click this link.

  • News 02 Dec 2020

    Help find Treatments for COVID-19

    PRINCIPLE is a nationwide clinical study from the University of Oxford to find COVID-19 treatments for the over 50s that…

  • News 01 Dec 2020

    Prescription Collection – Thursday 3rd December 2020

    Thursday 3rd December  2020 is prescription collection courier day. During these busy times, the continued co-operation …

  • Press Release 01 Dec 2020

    Financial Recognition for Community Pharmacy

    CPS is delighted with the news yesterday that pharmacy team members will be financially recognised by Scottish Governm…

  • News 30 Nov 2020

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated (30/11/2020) and is now available to download or you can view it via the…

  • Circular 27 Nov 2020

    COVID-19 Financial Support for Community Pharmacy

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)27 sets out the agreed payment(s) to be made to community pharmacy contractors for COVID-19 related…

  • News 26 Nov 2020

    Pharmacy First Activity Payment

    You should now have received your eSchedules relating to the month of September, which were sent out yesterday. You may …

  • Circular 26 Nov 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)26 - COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)26 puts in place a framework which NHS Health Boards may use to enter into future agreements with a…

  • News 25 Nov 2020

    NES Support for provisionally registered Pharmacists in Scotland

    Turas Learn pages are available to support both provisional registrants and their supporting senior pharmacists in Scotl…

  • Circular 19 Nov 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)25 - AHP Prescribers and Prescription Stationery

    Circular PCA(P)(2020)25 provides updated advice to community pharmacy contractors about the prescription stationery bein…

  • News 13 Nov 2020

    eSchedules Update

    Last week we sent out some information regarding the anomaly that was present in the August eSchedules sent out, where t…

  • News 11 Nov 2020

    Contacting Your Local Heath Board Contractor Committee

    Within CPS, at the forefront of local service negotiation and development are our fourteen Health Board committees. Thes…

  • News 09 Nov 2020

    Prescription Collection Bags - Arriving Soon!

    We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice, we’re looking to see who’s picked up once or twice… Nope, not Santa coming…

  • Circular 06 Nov 2020

    PCA(P)(2020)24 - NHS PFS - Guidance and Referral Form for Treatment of Minor Eye Conditions

    This Circular provides guidance aimed at both community optometry and community pharmacy teams and a referral form for t…

  • News 05 Nov 2020

    NHS Pharmacy First Plus Early Adopters - Tell us your Stories!

    We know it's not been in place for long, but we are really keen to hear from anyone who is delivering NHS Pharmacy First…

  • News 04 Nov 2020

    Launch of NES Community Pharmacy Technician Foundation Vocational Training (FVT)

    NES Pharmacy is inviting newly registered pharmacy technicians to take part in a pilot of their new Vocational Training …

  • News 29 Oct 2020

    Coeliac Disease – Community Pharmacy Gluten Free Food Service

    The Community Pharmacy Gluten-Free Food Service forms part of the wider Modernising Patient Pathways for Coeliac Disease…

  • News 29 Oct 2020

    NHS 24 Remote Prescribing and Community Pharmacy

    Our colleagues at NHS 24 have provided us with some feedback around prescribing out of hours and are asking that you ple…