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  • News 14 Jun 2021

    MCR Ready Reckoner

    This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to download or you can view it via the App.

  • Circular 08 Jun 2021

    PCA(P)(2021)08 - Lateral Flow Devices – Community Pharmacy distribution to the public

    The Scottish Government has just today released a circular detailing a funded Pharmacy Collect service through which the…

  • Circular 04 Jun 2021

    PCA(P)(2021)9 - Drug Tariff Part 7 Dispensing Pool Balancing Payments

    The Scottish Government have released circular PCA(P)(2021)9 which advises of changes to the Drug Tariff with respect to…

  • News 31 May 2021

    Prescription Collection – Thursday 3rd June 2021

    Thursday 3rd June 2021 is prescription collection courier day. Been a busy month? Is your prescription submission is ove…

  • News 27 May 2021

    Transfer of PPE to PECOS

    All CPs will now have received an email to their Generic NHS Mailbox with details and instructions for how to set up and…

  • News 20 May 2021

    Engaging with the Scottish Government

    We are pleased to welcome a new team as part of the Health portfolio of Scottish Government. At a political level due to…

  • News 13 May 2021

    It's OK to Ask - Campaign

    NHS 24 are launching a new campaign which supports patients and healthcare professional to have positive conversations a…

  • News 13 May 2021

    Public Health Service Posters

    The contract for the management of Scottish Government posters in pharmacies has moved from Republic of Media (who subco…

  • News 13 May 2021

    Key Facts Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Tests

    With the release of the documents re the launch of LFD Tests to Community Pharmacies, we have pulled together the follow…

  • News 11 May 2021

    Dedicated Prescribing Practioners (DPP) - Live Q&A Webinar

    Many changes, both professionally and regulatory, will require an increased number of Pharmacist Independent Prescribers…

  • News 29 Apr 2021

    Countersignature for PVG Application

    As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you hav…

  • News 20 Apr 2021

    New PVG Scheme Process

    As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you hav…

  • News 09 Apr 2021

    PHS Health Protection Alert - AZ Vaccine Safety

    Public Health Scotland have released a health protection alert with regards to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine which co…

  • Circular 08 Apr 2021

    Circular PCA(P)(2021)06 - Extension of NHS Medicines Delivery Service

    The service has been extended until 30 April 2021 to offer continued support to the patients using the service in line w…

  • Circular 08 Apr 2021

    PCA(P)(2021)05 - Amendments to the Drug Tariff

    This circular sets out to community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards the details of the community pharmacy funding ar…

  • News 08 Apr 2021

    West of Scotland Lung Cancer Webinar

    The impact of COVID 19 on cancer outcomes is likely to be profound with around 25% fewer lung cancers being diagnosed si…

  • News 08 Apr 2021

    Public Health Scotland learning resource - Health, housing and homelessness

    PHS has now launched a new learning resource called Making connections between health, housing and homelessness.

  • News 08 Apr 2021

    Safe Spaces survey - do you provide this service for victims of domestic abuse?

    Safe Spaces is a simple yet hugely impactful scheme whereby participating pharmacies can allow the use of the consultati…