Serial Prescriptions (SRx)

Serial prescriptions are written by prescribers for a period of up to 12 months with a set dispensing interval (e.g. every 28 days). There are benefits for patients, pharmacies and GPs from using serial prescriptions. For pharmacies, the team can be proactive in managing their workload as the prescription is already stored in the pharmacy and the team can plan when to dispense it. For patients, this means the prescription can be prepared before they attend the pharmacy saving time. In GP practices time saving can be found as only 1 prescription needs to be printed and signed over the period, rather than on a monthly basis.

When items are dispensed from serial prescription, the electronic claim for the items are sent to Practitioner Services and processed without the need for the paper. This means that contractors are paid at the same time as other prescriptions processed within the dispensing month (e.g. December claims are paid at the end of February). Information on endorsing MCR prescriptions is available in the endorsing guide.

Serial prescriptions should still be submitted at the end of the dispensing period, and for prescription counting purposes, a MCR master is counted as 1 form with 0 items.

The management of serial prescriptions, housekeeping and payment processing are all covered within the implementation pack.

An example SOP for the management of MCR prescriptions has been developed and can be amended for individual pharmacy requirements.

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