Did you know that when you submit your prescriptions to Practitioner Services for payment, barcoded GP10 scripts are paid using only the electronic claim where it is available?  If you need to change the electronic claim for any reason you can do so by cancelling the electronic claim, amending it and resubmitting it ideally while the prescription is in the pharmacy. It could even be done up to 14 days after the prescription has been sent to P&CFS so long as it has not already been processed for payment.

This is really helpful for prescriptions which are not dispensed or not collected where both paper and electronic messages should be amended. If you decide not to dispense an item or if the patient doesn’t collect and the paper form is not to hand, you can still adjust the electronic claim to ensure accurate payment.

You can find out more on our Quick Guide to Accurate Payments.

Everything you need to know to support you with accurate reimbursement & remuneration can be found in the Endorsing guide. And any guidance relating to applying endorsements on your electronic messages can be found in your PMR suppliers user guides.

To help you on your way, here are some areas to be mindful of:

Electronic Claiming

  • As the electronic message is the source of payment, remember to endorse everything and ensure the paper prescription endorsement matches
  • When an item is not dispensed (ND) or not collected (NC) ensure the electronic message has this annotated. Endorsing on the prescription alone will not suffice and could lead to inaccurate payment
  • MCR claims can only be made electronically. You must submit the master prescription at the end of the dispensing period, this, however, will not be used for payment, please ensure all information is captured on the electronic form
  • For non-Part 7 items ensure the item you select in your PMR is the item you dispensed, as this is what you will be paid

Quantity and Pack Sizes

  • For non-barcoded prescriptions, add the manufacturer you supplied from and pack size used in dispensing as there may be more than one size available. Add these endorsements along with any others on the right-hand side of the prescription using black ink
  • Where the quantity prescribed is not clear, especially on a Hospital (HBP) prescription, endorse what you dispensed for accurate reimbursement
  • You do not have to endorse the paper prescription if the quantity dispensed is an exact match to the quantity prescribed
  • Quantities prescribed as ‘OP’ or ‘original pack’ should be clarified as there may be more than one pack size available – ensure the pack size endorsed is the pack size used
  • Where the quantity differs, this change must be endorsed on the prescription, this will be due to the nature of the pack when the exact amount cannot be dispensed. The quantity change that is allowed is related to the type, size and number of packs available in line with the pricing rules. You can refer to the different pack types and rules to help you or call the Pharmacy Services Team at 0131 466 3540 if you need any assistance

Additional Endorsements

  • Where the prescriber requests instalment dispensing, remember to endorse in the electronic message for the fees to be allocated. This can be done by adding the endorsement during the dispensing process using your PMR, with the correct quantity, number of instalments and number of supervisions e.g. 28-4-0 (quantity-instalments-supervisions). This should also be annotated on the paper prescription so that if the electronic claim fails, you will still be reimbursed accurately.
    Note - If the prescription is for a controlled drug, the PC70 form is not used for allocation of fees, however, it is a legal obligation to submit them
  • For unlicensed or imported medicines not in Part 7S or 7U, where pre-authorisation from the Health Board has been sought, as detailed in the Drug Tariff, all relevant endorsing should be made electronically and on the paper prescription where applicable
      • SP – Invoice price less any discount or rebate obtained
      • HC3000 – £30 payment for sourcing the most cost-effective product
      • XP – Any Out of Pocket expenses or wholesaler handling charges
  • You cannot claim Out of Pocket expenses (OOPs) for any item in Parts 2 – 7 and 9 of the Scottish Drug Tariff
  • Remember to claim your £25 for Measured and Fitted items using the ‘M & F’ or ‘F’ endorsement. You cannot claim for items that have been Made to Measure
  • When claiming Broken Bulk (BB) for a full pack when only part is prescribed and dispensed, and no further prescription forms are expected, remember to endorse on the electronic message and the paper prescription the pack size dispensed, as this is the full pack you will be paid from, and add the ‘BB’ endorsement with the claimed date
  • Use a PC or PMR endorsement for any changes made having spoken with the prescriber

Captivate - Endorsing Guidance

This 20-minute video from Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services contains everything from electronic claiming, the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices, helpful tips on endorsing and much more. Whether it be used for an induction to new members of your team, pre-registration students or just a refresher to support the knowledge you already hold, we hope this supports you further on everyday endorsing and accurate claiming of items for reimbursement.

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