PVG Scheme

About the PVG Scheme

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) (Scotland) Act 2007 came into being as a response to the Birchad Inquiry report that called for a registration scheme for all those who work with children and protected adults. The PVG Scheme covers all kinds of regulated work and pharmacists take part in that regulated work in their role as responsible pharmacists.

The Scheme allows contractors to check that their pharmacists are not on any barred list by having them disclosed and their company name becomes listed as an ‘interested party’ on the pharmacist’s Disclosure Scotland file. If any of the applicant's status changes, the company as an "interested party" would be informed by us.

How We Can Help

The PVG Team at CPS will handle all aspects of the administration on behalf of our members with contractors only having to cover the cost of the Disclosure Scotland fees.