Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Policy - 2014 (expires 31 May 2018)

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act: Model Publication Scheme for Community Pharmacy Contractors

This single Model Publication Scheme has been produced and approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner. It is approved until 31 May 2018. The previous Model Publication Scheme (MPS) produced by Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) expired on 31st May 2014.

The Scottish Information Commissioner has developed and introduced a new single MPS which is suitable for all authorities. You may adopt the Model Scheme as your publication scheme so long as you do not change any of the text. You may if you wish produce your own scheme but it must then be submitted to the Scottish Commissioner for approval. As the Model Scheme has already been approved, you do not have to submit it to the Commissioner but you must complete all the sections and keep a copy in your pharmacy.

The new MPS is different from previous versions. The Existing MPS has all the classes of information that is published by you as a Public Authority in it, the new one is shorter and more general. Along with the MPS you will be required to hold a Guide to Information which lists everything you publish and will tell the public how they can get it from you. CPS has been working on a template guide on your behalf (available soon). You must complete the sections according to your pharmacy information and make both these documents available to the public (e.g. posted on your website, hard copies on display in your premises, posted out on request).

If you are a manager of a small chain or multiple, please contact your head office to find out if your company is using the Model Scheme or has decided to produce a scheme of its own.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny O'Donnell on 0131 467 7766 or visit the the Scottish Information Commissioner’s website for more information.

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