Injecting equipment provision (Needle exchange)

Services which enable the provision of injecting equipment aim to protect individual and public health by reducing the incidence of blood-borne infection and drug-related deaths amongst service users by:

  • providing sterile injecting equipment and related paraphernalia as agreed locally
  • reducing the rate of sharing and other high-risk injecting behaviours
  • promoting safer injecting practices
  • providing and reinforcing harm reduction messages including safe sex advice and advice on overdose prevention.

They also aim to protect the health of local communities by preventing the spread of blood-borne infections by providing safe disposal facilities for used injecting equipment and to help patients who use the service to access other health, voluntary and social care services where appropriate.

Contractors interested in providing these services should speak with their Health Board Pharmacy colleagues in the first instance, though the spread of these services is generally informed by a needs assessment and not all contractors will be able to participate.

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