As well as the core and national services which community pharmacies in Scotland provide to their communities, there are a range of local services which have been developed in response to the needs of people living in the 14 different Health Boards. Although this is a relatively small country in terms of population, there are stark contrasts between demographics, geography and social issues which require more tailored solutions.

The compact nature of Health Boards also allows for controlled tests of change, with some of our most successful national services like Pharmacy First having their origins as local innovations.

NHS Boards negotiate locally with Community Pharmacy Health Board Committees on remuneration for the following pharmaceutical services (not an exhaustive list):

  • Advice to Residential Homes
  • Support for people with substance misuse issues
  • Needle Exchange Services
  • Compliance support solutions
  • Disposal of Patients’ Unwanted Medicines
  • Out of Hours rotas
  • Collection and delivery services

Details of each Board’s local services can be found on the NHS Community Pharmacy website under the relevant Board’s tab.

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