Resource FAQs


Will there be a slowdown in the recruitment of GP Pharmacists?

Scottish Government have already been asked to halt this. However, the workforce is asking for more clinical work and this may allow us to retain Pharmacists and potentially attract students into the profession. Additionally, CPS are meeting with the BMA to discuss the issues. The pipeline CPS is suggesting for foundation training and IPs may also assist with this.

With there being a lack of locums, some companies are using English locums with no training or knowledge of services or PGDs which could impact on service availability. How can we overcome this?

If there are situations where this occurs we need to rely on actual evidence, not anecdotal. If complaints are made to the NHS Boards then they can be investigated and dealt with appropriately. This is rarely an issue and we can’t design a service to fit around the minority – we need to deliver a service for the nation and deliver it well. Issues can be dealt with by exception. Employers can and do accept responsibility for this already so this service will be no different. Support is always available, e.g. NES Return to Practice module, CPS Office

My concern in a high volume Health Centre Pharmacy is how do we mitigate against long queues especially if the GPs are referring in to the pharmacy?

There are a number of ways to address this:

  • Set up meetings between the Pharmacy Teams and the rest of the teams in the Health Centre are highly recommended to agree ways of working and referral processes to and from the Pharmacy.
  • Maximise the implementation and use of MCR Serial Prescriptions to allow the Pharmacy Team to manage this key area of the workload to free up time to spend with patients.
  • Review the specific pharmacy layout and team roles to plan and implement any changes required.
  • Share any best practice through which will then be shared in the weekly newsletter.