Communication & Engagement FAQs


1. What work has been done to engage GPs/Dentists/Optometrists around the potential for an increase in referrals from us and the need to recognise that a referral from the service will require a patient to be seen quickly?

There has been some work done at a national level to engage with representative bodies and to provide educational materials to other healthcare providers. However, we believe the real impact will come from local conversations about the implementation of the service – we would encourage all pharmacy teams to reach out to their colleagues to discuss how referrals will work locally.

Will the service be advertised to the public?


Are we in communication with the PMR suppliers?

Yes. The PMR suppliers have been given a minimum specification by Scottish Government for launch, details of which can be accessed here ( This will develop over time and we would encourage contractors to work with PMR suppliers to shape future functionality.

How will this be communicated to GPs?

The Scottish Government are developing training materials for General Practice, and we would encourage pharmacy teams to reach out to GP colleagues locally to discuss how the service will operate.

Will the GP be aware of what you have prescribed a patient?

As is currently the case, not unless you inform them.  This is a requirement for some of the PGD supplies