NHS Pharmacy First Scotland - Approved List


Click the image above to download  - Version 6 Now Available - 12.08.08

PCA2020(P)13, first published in June 2020, details the launch of NHS Pharmacy First Scotland. The circular encloses the legal Directions, service specification and operational support documents which together outline how the service should operate.

This approved list of products has been developed by representatives of all 14 NHS Health Boards with input from Community Pharmacy Scotland and other key stakeholders.  It details the limited list of items that may be supplied to eligible patients following a consultation in response to presenting symptoms. Wherever possible, providing lifestyle advice and support to manage minor conditions should be the preferred course of action, with treatment supplied and referrals made only where necessary. With the exception of sections 10.1 (Skin: Eczema and allergy) and 6.1 (Cystitis), the items detailed in the Approved List can be supplied across all NHS Boards. In sections 10.1 and 6.1, each NHS Board has indicated the approved items which may be supplied by community pharmacy teams in their area.

The medicines listed should be used within their GSL or P licensed indication, and the POM products listed should only be used under the terms of the relevant Patient Group Directions (PGDs). The approved list serves only to detail the treatments available under the service – the Pharmacist must use their own professional judgment at all times to determine the best course of action for each patient. Only those specific items and pack sizes which appear on this list will be reimbursed if supplied under the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service. Where a patient wishes to use a particular product which does not appear on the Approved List and the Pharmacist agrees that this is safe and appropriate, the patient may purchase that product.

The Approved List is arranged according to BNF category, with products within each category listed alphabetically. The selection of products should be based on the Pharmacist’s assessment of clinical appropriateness for each individual patient. However, where there is a clear first-line choice of treatment this is indicated.

A new section of the Scottish Drug Tariff, Part 17, is under development and will host the approved list of products.