Circular 08 Apr 2021

Circular PCA(P)(2021)06 - Extension of NHS Medicines Delivery Service

The service has been extended until 30 April 2021 to offer continued support to the patients using the service in line w…

Circular 08 Apr 2021

PCA(P)(2021)05 - Amendments to the Drug Tariff

This circular sets out to community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards the details of the community pharmacy funding ar…

Circular 01 Apr 2021

UPDATE: PCA(P)(2021)04 - Serious Shortage Protocol - Levothyroxine 12.5 microgram tablets

Update 01/04/2021: The SSP ended on 1 April and as such, the measures outlined in this circular are no longer required.

Circular 11 Feb 2021

PCA(P)(2021)03 - M:CR Directions and Service Specifications

Circular PAC(P)(2021)03 sets out the detail of the Directions and Service Specification for the Medicines: Care & Re…

Circular 08 Feb 2021

PCA(P)(2021)02 - Financial Recognition for Community Pharmacy

The Scottish Government has released circular PCA(P)(2021)02 which advises NHS Boards and Practitioner Services of the a…

Circular 18 Jan 2021

PCA(P)(2021)01 - COVID 19 – Community Pharmacy: NHS Medicines Delivery Service

This circular sets out the arrangements for a new time-limited medicines delivery service to be deployed by the Communit…

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