Pharmacist saves toddler’s life

Community Pharmacy Scotland

Friday, August 2, 2019

Pharmacy Hero QuoteA shocked mother discovered that her toddler was not breathing as she was about to leave a supermarket car park. She thought the toddler was choking and so got him out of the car to try and clear his airwaves and to shout for help.

A member of the public stepped in to help and another person ran in to the pharmacy to asked for someone trained in first aid. The Pharmacist ran out to the toddler’s aid and along with the member of the public administered CPR and got the child breathing again. The toddler was then taken to hospital and has since recovered well. The most amazing part of this story is that the Pharmacist correctly realised that the child needed CPR, while those who had been helping beforehand thought that the child was choking. The pharmacists quick action saved this toddler’s life!

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