Our Pharmacy Hero - Lloyd's Pharmacy - Rose Street, Annan

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We received a lovely nomination for a Pharmacy Hero sent into us from the team at Lloyd's Pharmacy - Rose Street, Annan.

Congratulations to Lucy Little for being highlighted as a Pharmacy Hero! It's clear that you go above and beyond every day for your patients and we are pleased to share this story on World Pharmacists Day.  

"Lucy is one of the kindest, supportive managers I've personally ever had the opportunity to work along side. Lucy started with the team two years ago and without a doubt every day gives 110%. She has helped so many in her short time with our team, from just taking one of our blister pack patients wife into the consultation room with a biscuit and a cuppa tea to reassure her, explain the system and options for her to move forward with. This lady herself was overwhelmed, and simply needed a listening ear. Not only did Lucy get her husband set up with a blister pack she got all medicines out with the packs in sync so we as a pharmacy were ordering it all, delivering it and arranged for our driver to collect all unwanted medicines from the house to stop confusion. This alleviated so much pressure within the family.

She also went out her way one day to grab a few bits of shopping for our elderly customer who is in his 90s. He is a full time carer for his wife, and keeps reasonably good health, but one day he hadn't been in for her pack so she got on the phone and checked all was ok, took a list of what he needed and nipped it up after her shift. 

It then brings me to share the confidence the patients instil in her, one of our patients doesn't keep the best of health, doesn't have any trust within the Doctors due to a few errors made previously. This gentleman comes in to check everything with Lucy, the most trivial if things to some  far more serious issues. She takes the same amount of time and effort to help with all ailments/queries over medications etc. that he has regardless of how minor they may seen. This positive caring side has gained this gentleman's trust, which even our linked doctors surgery are amazed at. It took some time but his peace of mind is now there. We laugh as some times he writes down the medical jargon to double check it with her - google comes in handy at times.

These stories really don't scratch the surface of what she provides the patients in our pharmacy, the advice never fails, and if a patient asks a question Lucy is unsure of, she finds out. Lucy goes home and reads up on it. Our shop provides undoubtedly some of the best customer service available, and I believe it's because our pharmacist give her all every day, she inspires us to learn more, smile more and if on one of the worst days she supports us and gives us the oomph to dig in and just give a little more.

She is truly our pharmacy hero."

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