Consulting your Pharmacist can change your life

Community Pharmacy Scotland

Friday, August 2, 2019

It’s always worth consulting with your pharmacist if you are struggling to manage a health condition with the prescribed medicine.

One pharmacist spoke to a person who had what they considered to be a dangerous/ ineffective/ unusual dose of a strong medication to manage their debilitating migraines. The patient was quite frustrated as this medication was the only effective way they had found to live with their migraines. Even seeing specialist neurologists led to the patient being stuck with no answers or possible solutions.

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After a consultant was unable to suggest a treatment plan for this patient, the pharmacist asked whether they had considered holistic treatment. The patient was open to trying anything that could help and so the pharmacist set them up with a meeting with a local chiropractor who they thought could help. The pharmacist also asked the patient to keep them updated on whether the chiropractor sessions were helping them and to their great relief the appointments had a transformative effect! After each session the patient’s posture was visibly improved and they reported that their migraines were becoming less severe. By the end of the six sessions, the patient was able to come off of their medication altogether as they were no longer suffering for these debilitating migraines!

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