Community Pharmacist Spots Sepsis

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

“I just had a bad feeling and had to do something” says David Reilly, pharmacist at M D Green in Port Glasgow, about the day he helped save a patient’s life.

Pharmacy Heroes QuoteOne of David’s regular patients had recently been discharged from hospital, but started having to feel very unwell and rang the pharmacy when she couldn’t get an appointment. She was particularly distressed, but had what seemed like very generalised symptoms – as David recounts, “It was when she started repeatedly saying that it felt like she was going to die that I made the connection and started thinking about sepsis”.

As it turned out, David was right, and worked with the local GP to quickly have the patient taken to hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed and treated, having been caught in time to allow her to make a full recovery. Once everything had settled down, David reflects that “It just shows the importance of the accessibility of the pharmacy team, as well as how the poster campaigns we take part in throughout the year can be literally life-saving – it was the educational materials that came along with the recent Sepsis poster that talked about this being something that people with sepsis can experience and I remember thinking how unusual that was to be a listed symptom”

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