Pharmacy teams consistently go above and beyond in order to keep the people they see happy and healthy. We have been reaching out to our members and have asked them to send through stories of when a member of their team has provided exceptional service which has had a real impact on someone’s life. Our aim is to both celebrate the incredibly dedicated pharmacy teams in Scotland and to highlight what a varied and rewarding career this can be.

We’ll be posting these stories periodically and we hope you enjoy!

Blog 20 Feb 2020

Helping Vulnerable Patients

A regular patient presented in the pharmacy not looking as well as he normally did . After taking a history, it was deci…

Blog 12 Nov 2019

Patient Attended Pharmacy Feeling Faint and Dizzy

A patient attended the pharmacy feeling faint and dizzy and was concerned about her heart rate as she had AF and was not…

Blog 02 Oct 2019

Community Pharmacist Spots Sepsis

“I just had a bad feeling and had to do something” says David Reilly, pharmacist at M D Green in Port Glasgow, about the…

Blog 25 Sep 2019

Our Pharmacy Hero - Lloyd's Pharmacy - Rose Street, Annan

We received a lovely nomination for a Pharmacy Hero sent into us from the team at Lloyd's Pharmacy - Rose Street, Annan.…

Blog 16 Sep 2019

There’s always a helping hand available in a Community Pharmacy

An older gentleman was holidaying with his dog in a rural area of the country when he took a tumble on the pavement. A p…

Blog 16 Sep 2019

Turn to your local pharmacy in times of distress

Community Pharmacies are located all over Scotland, with some being on university campuses. One of our pharmacies saw an…

Blog 02 Aug 2019

Pharmacist saves toddler’s life

A shocked mother discovered that her toddler was not breathing as she was about to leave a supermarket car park. She tho…

Blog 02 Aug 2019

Community Pharmacists can help save your life!

A couple were out and about when the husband became unwell in the car. He had previous issues with his heart and his wif…

Blog 02 Aug 2019

Consulting your Pharmacist can change your life

It’s always worth consulting with your pharmacist if you are struggling to manage a health condition with the prescribed…

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