Universal Claim Framework (UCF) – What you need to know!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We’ve had a lot of enquiries over the last few months about UCF as it has rolled out across the community pharmacy network, so we thought you might find it useful to have all the definitive answers to your questions in one place! As always, if the answer you’re looking for isn’t here just get in contact with us by calling the office or emailing Adam or Amanda and we will update this article as we go along.

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Does it matter which service I select when trying to generate a prescription?

Yes. There are a set of rules which decide which items are payable against each service, and other factors such as whether a form is printed or whether you need to enter a CHI number or GP reference number. It’s always worth it to take a second and make sure you’re using the appropriate service within UCF.

When should I print a prescription form, and where should I send them once dispensed?

Our colleagues at National Services Scotland (NSS) have produced this table, which makes it clear when a paper form is needed, and where it should end up going. Payments against claims generated on UCF are completely electronic – the paper doesn’t act as a trigger for PSD as is the case with your “normal” barcoded prescriptions. The only service for which forms should end up in your prescription bundle at the end of the month is MAS, and this is solely because there is an eligibility criteria for the service and a signature is needed for payment verification/counter fraud purposes – nothing to do with payment at all.

Where do I find the GP Practice code to add to my claim message?

You can find this on the NSS community pharmacy website, as part of the unscheduled care pack (An Excel file under the heading “GP Practice fax numbers"). When you’ve done this once for a surgery, your PMR will remember the details for you to use the next time you need to use them.

Do I still need to manually claim my £25 service fee for EHC?

Yes. Currently, UCF helps you to claim reimbursement for the drug cost, but it does not send a claim to the local health board for carrying out the consultation and supplying a product. There are plans to make this process more straightforward, but for the moment you should still follow local processes to ensure proper remuneration.

Should I get rid of my CPUS forms?

No. If, for some reason, UCF functionality is unavailable, you may have to use these forms to prescribe for people under your care.

Should I dispose of my old CP2/3 forms?

No. Not all community pharmacies are UCF-enabled yet, so your forms may be redistributed to prevent wastage and unnecessary printing. You should keep them clearly segregated from all other forms, and await Health Board guidance as to when these should be destroyed.

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