PRPS Recruitment for the 2021-22 Training year

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

NHS Education for Scotland are making preparations for the recruitment process for the July 2021 intake of PRPS trainees and are now seeking expressions of interest. Any community pharmacies that would like to be involved in the scheme should follow these steps.

  • If you were involved in recruitment for Training Year 2020/21 and were the main contact you will already have your log ins for the NES Training Provider site. If not, we will provide log-ins and guidance once contact information has been confirmed.
  • Once you have completed the Questback, we will be in touch to confirm you can log in to TPI to edit your TPIS.
  • Training Provider Information Statements will be made public for candidates as soon as Expressions of Interest have been declared, and the all information has been signed off by the Training Provider. 
  • For those of you involved last year, you will see your 2019 details will be available and it will be up to you to update and edit as required, prior to sign off. Please ensure post numbers and Tier 2 information is up to date. We will not be publishing post numbers and Tier 2 information until 23rd March, when all TPIS's have been completed, however, it must be correct prior to your sign off.
  • You will also notice we have added a new section to be completed. This section is where you will detail for the candidate what they need to do to get onto your preference list.
    *Both 'free-text' sections of the TPIS can be completed at Training Providers discretion, but we would encourage you to use as much detail as possible to increase your chances of contact from trainees. This should be considered an opportunity to promote your posts and make them as attractive to candidates as possible*
  • For those Training Providers who offer traditional posts as well as Remote and Rural posts, please note that  in order to submit your Remote and Rural information you will have to complete the Questback separately.

Please note, 7th of February is the deadline for Expressions of Interest only; you will have until 20th March to complete your TPIS. However, as the TPIS will be live as soon as signed off, we would encourage you to do this at your earliest convenience so your organisation can benefit from potentially being viewed earlier by candidates.

Contact if you have any questions.

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