NHS 24 Prescribing Communications to Pharmacies

Thursday, July 23, 2020

NHS 24 are introducing a new approach for remote prescribing where we would now be sending an email to the community pharmacy of the patient’s choice, which contains an NHS 24 Clinical Assessment Summary (information on NHS 24’s clinical assessment) with the prescription details included. This will ensure the community pharmacist receives all relevant clinical information/context around an NHS 24 remote prescription request, and help reduce the risk of transcription errors.

The ‘go-live’ date for the new approach is this coming weekend (25th July) and therefore from that point onwards community pharmacists will receive an email from NHS 24 when one of our prescribers writes a prescription for a caller to the 111 service. A sample report to highlight what the community pharmacist will receive in the email is shown here, and in all cases NHS 24 will continue to ensure the original prescription is received by the community pharmacy within 72 hours.

NHS 24 hopes this will prove to be a positive development for community pharmacies across the country, and lead to an improved patient journey for members of the public.