New PVG Scheme Process

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you have the option to send them to ourselves to check and countersign these, before sending it to Disclosure Scotland. Many of our members already take advantage of this, so we would like to update you on some changes in our process due to new ways of working for ourselves during COVID-19, and new processes implemented by Disclosure Scotland.

Application Forms

Previously, you may have been supplied with electronic application forms to give to your employees, to complete and send to ourselves. Now, the process has changed at Disclosure Scotland, and the application process is fully online, and as a result, what you need to complete and send us looks a bit different. We would ask that any applicants download and complete this form electronically and send to along with the ID and supporting document requirements detailed on the form.

Once we have received these, we will complete our checks and submit our countersignatory part to Disclosure Scotland. See here (Existing Applicants Guide & First Time Applicants Guide) for full guidance on completing the online application. Then the applicant will be sent a link that is valid for seven days only to complete the full online application process. Please note, if the application is not completed and submitted within 7 days of the link being generated, it will expire, and we will need to resubmit our countersignatory part.


If payment is to be made by the applicant, or if you will be paying for your employees’ application and are not invoiced, payment should be made as outlined here. Please note we cannot accept cheques or postal order currently. If you have asked to be invoiced, we will do this for you.

Please note, this is a new system, and it is still in development. If you have any feedback for us on any part of our process, then please send it through to us at