IP Course and Funding Details

Thursday, August 27, 2020

This week NES have advertised five courses which are open to community pharmacists. The courses are FULLY funded including backfill for community pharmacists who are accepted onto the course. The details of GPhC criteria, course requirements, how to apply and the dates of the courses are outlined on the NES website.

These courses support the contractual development recently announced around a Common Clinical Conditions IP service and use of the IP qualification in community pharmacy. These opportunities, alongside the establishment of a National Foundation Programme, will maximise the opportunities for pharmacists to develop their expertise in medicines and enhance patient care. While a framework has been developed to support IP provision in the community it should be noted that the IP course requires a clinical topic to be chosen, this is a requirement of the GPhC accredited university courses. Additional courses are provided to focus on common clinical conditions and clinical assessment skills and will also be funded.