Duty of Candour Update

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

It’s now been a year since the implementation of the Duty of Candour legislation, and the first annual reports are now due to be completed and published. We’ve heard that this is happening in different ways depending on the approach that each Health Board is taking. Some areas have been asking for data along with their regular complaints returns and will collate and publish an annual report on behalf of all contractors, satisfying your legal obligations. However, some other areas are asking contractors to create and publish their own annual reports. We have found sample templates in the Annex of this document which will support you to do this, including one for if there have been no incidents triggering the Duty of Candour in the year being reported.

Once your report is completed and published, you should also send a copy to dutyofcandour@gov.scot to fulfil the requirements of the legislation.

Other Information