Disallowed Items- Update

Monday, July 27, 2020

Every month you will receive your eSchedule from P&CFS, with a section regarding items that have been disallowed. At the time of processing your prescriptions, you may not be aware that, perhaps the nurse or doctor had used the wrong prescription pad, or the item was not in the Drug Tariff until you receive these reports.

Over the last 3 months we have compiled an updated list with items that have been repeatedly prescribed on GP10, GP14, CPUS forms etc, that are not passed for payment to help you avoid reoccurring disallowed items.

When we review these items, we also check if they have been correctly disallowed and if there is an alternative that you could offer if that item came up again.

The updated information that we have compiled can be found in the disallowed section of our website.

If you do require any further help, please contact Heather or Ann on 0131 466 3540.