Class 2 Drug Alert

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The MHRA has released a Class 2 medicines recall on unexpired Emerade (Adrenaline) Auto-Injectors. They are doing this because of an error in one component of the auto-injector.

This recall includes the following products:

  • Emerade (Adrenaline) Auto-Injectors 150mcg
  • Emerade (adrenaline) Auto-Injectors 300mcg
  • Emerade (adrenaline) Auto-Injectors 500mcg

Although it is only the 150mcg product that is being recalled, the defect affects all strengths and there is important information for patients and pharmacy teams within the recall notice. Please ensure you read the whole alert and cascade any relevant information to your teams.

For more information see the document released by the MHRA below:

Class 2 Drug Alert

Emerade 500mcg Patient Letter

Emerade 300mcg Patient Letter

Emerade 150mcg Patient Letter

At the point of prescribing and dispensing, it is vital that patients and carers receive training to ensure they are completely familiar with the use of the new device. This is because each brand of adrenaline auto-injector is used differently. Patients should continue to carry two devices at all times in case of a need to administer a second dose of adrenaline before the arrival of the emergency services

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