Changes to PVG Scheme Process

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you have the option to send them to ourselves to check and countersign these, before sending it to Disclosure Scotland. Many of our members already take advantage of this, so we would like to update you on some changes in our process due to new ways of working for ourselves during COVID-19, and new processes implemented by Disclosure Scotland.

Application Forms

Previously, you may have been supplied with paper application forms to give to your employees, to complete and post to ourselves. Now, as all our team are working from home, we are unable to process paper applications. We would ask that any applicants download and complete the forms electronically. This can be done from the Disclosure Scotland website. If this is the first time they have applied for the PVG Scheme they will need to complete the Application to Join the PVG Scheme. If they have applied before, and but have changed employers since the last time they applied, they will need to complete the Existing Member Application.


If payment is to be made by the applicant, or if you will be paying for your employees’ application and are not invoiced, payment should be made as outlined here. Please note we cannot accept cheques or postal order currently. If you have asked to be invoiced, we will do this for you.

Sending the Application

Completed application forms should then be sent, along with scanned copies of three forms of ID, to They should also include in the body of the email what employer they are working for and what position. No change has been made to what ID is acceptable, although you should ensure any scanned images are legible. The following forms of ID will be accepted:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Entitlement Card
  • Other (including, bank statements, utility bills, council tax letter)

Please ensure at least one of the documents is photographic, and one confirms the applicant's current address. If they have their previous certificate, this should also be scanned and sent with the application.

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