News 04 May 2021

Prescription Collection – Thursday 6th May 2021

Thursday 6th May 2021 is prescription collection courier day. Been a busy month? Is your prescription submission is over…

News 03 May 2021

MCR Ready Reckoner

This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to download or you can view it via the App.

News 30 Apr 2021

May Part 7 Publishing

Please note, due to the day on which the 1st of May falls this year, and with the upcoming bank holiday on Monday 3rd Ma…

News 29 Apr 2021

Countersignature for PVG Application

As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you hav…

News 20 Apr 2021

New PVG Scheme Process

As part of your membership to Community Pharmacy Scotland, when your employees complete PVG Scheme applications, you hav…

News 14 Apr 2021

PPE Supply Moving to PECOS

The supply of PPE will move to PECOS over the coming two months, with orders being placed once a month through the Share…

News 09 Apr 2021

PHS Health Protection Alert - AZ Vaccine Safety

Public Health Scotland have released a health protection alert with regards to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine which co…

News 08 Apr 2021

West of Scotland Lung Cancer Webinar

The impact of COVID 19 on cancer outcomes is likely to be profound with around 25% fewer lung cancers being diagnosed si…

News 08 Apr 2021

Public Health Scotland learning resource - Health, housing and homelessness

PHS has now launched a new learning resource called Making connections between health, housing and homelessness.

News 08 Apr 2021

Safe Spaces survey - do you provide this service for victims of domestic abuse?

Safe Spaces is a simple yet hugely impactful scheme whereby participating pharmacies can allow the use of the consultati…

News 01 Apr 2021

Additions and Deletions to Part 7 as of 1st April 2021

The new updated version of Part 7 is now available for April 2021. In this month there are a number of additions and del…

News 31 Mar 2021

English Prescription Charges

English prescription charges have increased to £9.35 from the 1st April 2021. Community pharmacies in Scotland should ap…

News 31 Mar 2021

Identifying and Supporting Young Carers

Edinburgh Young Carers who has set up a free online training event for pharmacy teams. This training will help teams to …

News 30 Mar 2021

Experiential Learning - Host a Student Pharmacist

For the 2021/2022 academic year NES Pharmacy will coordinate a national nomination process for all Experiential Learning…

News 29 Mar 2021

Key Facts Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Tests

With the release of the documents re the launch of LFD Tests to Community Pharmacies, we have pulled together the follow…

News 25 Mar 2021

Emergency Care Summary - do you have access yet?

It's been a while since ECS access was rolled out to community pharmacists, with feedback from teams being hugely positi…

News 19 Mar 2021

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland: Shingles and Skin infections PGDs

You may have seen recently that there has been a delay to the originally planned launch of these two new PGDs

News 18 Mar 2021

Wellbeing posters - Information on Support Available For Pharmacy Teams

Covid-19 has affected us all. Wellbeing support is available for pharmacy teams. Whether you are an employer or an emplo…

News 18 Mar 2021

RGU Research Study: Independent Prescribing

As we move to rapidly increase the number of independent prescribers in community pharmacy, there will be a need to not …

News 18 Mar 2021

Smoking and mental health: Cochrane review

It may be useful for pharmacy team members to be aware of a newly published Cochrane review on the effects of stopping s…

News 17 Mar 2021

Celebrating pharmacy's contribution during COVID-19

#Pharmacy24 has been an annual international twitter event, organised by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

News 15 Mar 2021

New UK-wide Coronavirus Vaccine Monitoring Study

VAC4COVID monitors all UK-approved COVID vaccines. Anyone aged 18+ with email access is welcome to join, before or after…

News 11 Mar 2021

Promoting Pharmacy

Are you proud of what you and your team do? Want to tell the world about your work and inspire the next generation?

News 11 Mar 2021

NES Turas - New Independent prescribing resources

NES have recently finished putting together a whole section of TURAS dedicated to Independent prescribing