News 14 Oct 2019

GG&C NHS Flu Service from Community Pharmacies

This service will go live in Community Pharmacies in GG&C who have completed full sign up and training, on Nov 4th, …

News 14 Oct 2019

National MAR Charts – Update

Further to recent messages on the National MAR Chart, some confirmation of the next actions here. We have provided a dra…

News 14 Oct 2019

CMS Ready Reckoner

This week's CMS Ready Reckoner has been updated (14/10/19) and is now available to download. If you have any questions r…

News 10 Oct 2019

Pneumococcal Vaccines

Following on from the article in todays newsletter, we have received numerous enquiries regarding Pneumococcal Vaccines.…

News 10 Oct 2019

Class 2 Medicines Recall

The MHRA has released a Class 2 medicines recall on all unexpired Zantac POM products. They are doing this as a precauti…

News 08 Oct 2019

Experiential learning facilitator event – All you need to know! 21st October

Are you a facilitator for undergraduate MPharm students in community pharmacy? If so, we’ve got an opportunity for you t…

News 07 Oct 2019

Make a referral to Disclosure Scotland

As pharmacy owners, you will have employees carrying out regulated work, providing healthcare services to vulnerable gro…

News 07 Oct 2019

Stamping Prescriptions – Did You Know?

Thanks to advances in technology at PSD, the only reason you still have to stamp your prescriptions or use an endorser t…

News 07 Oct 2019

Melatonin Endorsing

Between August and September 2019, all formulations of unlicensed melatonin were removed from Part 7U of the Scottish Dr…

News 03 Oct 2019

Ban on selling Plastic cotton buds implemented soon!

We have been made aware that Scottish Government legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton b…

News 03 Oct 2019

Serious Shortage Protocols and parallel export restrictions

The UK Government has today announced restrictions on the parallel export of some medicines and have also released the f…

News 01 Oct 2019

Operational Logbook October 2019

The Operational Logbook for October 2019 is now available to download.

News 24 Sep 2019

Medicine Supply Alert Notices

The following two notices have been issued with regards to Fluoxetine and Provera.

News 24 Sep 2019

CPS Fax Number

CPS has decided to remove our fax machine facilities in line with GDPR requirements and due to a lack of security it pro…

News 20 Sep 2019

October Drug Tariff Part 7 Addition Tenofovir 245mg Tablets

From the 1st October 2019 Tenofovir Disoproxil 245mg tablets will be added to part 7 of the drug tariff. The tariff pric…

News 19 Sep 2019

Changes to Inhalers

The following products manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim have now moved from single use inhaler and cartridge packs t…

News 05 Sep 2019

Remuneration Arrangements April - June 2019

PCA(P)(2019)19 details the retrospective payments for the Dispensing Pool, Establishment and PHS Emergency Hormonal Cont…

News 04 Sep 2019

Closure of Glasgow Western PPU

The Pharmacy Production Unit at the Western Hospital in Glasgow will be closing at the end of this year, and services wi…

News 12 Sep 2019

NSAIDs Safer Care Bundle and Evaluation

Following our recent communications on the NSAIDs Safer Care Bundle evaluation, we have received some enquiries from mem…

News 02 Sep 2019

Hepatitis C training materials launched

The Scottish Drug Forum (SDF) and Hepatitis Scotland (HS) have launched a new e-learning resource called “Hepatitis C an…

News 21 Aug 2019

Minor Ailment Service Replacement

You might be wondering what’s been happening with the Minor Ailment Service since the announcement in 2018 that there we…

News 12 Aug 2019

Experiential Learning Nominations

NHS Education For Scotland (NES) would like to take this opportunity to invite you to nominate potential placements for …

News 12 Aug 2019

Update – Looking for facilitators for NES Unscheduled care events - dates added!

Are you passionate about ensuring continuity of care for patients when it comes to medicines? NES are looking for experi…

News 12 Aug 2019

NES Foundation vocational training – Applications close on 29th August!!!

Are you a recently qualified Pharmacist in the first 2-3 years of your career? Looking for that next development step?

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