News 15 Jan 2020

Pharmacy First Info Hub

Welcome to the Pharmacy First Info Hub your home to find any and all information regarding the changes happening to the …

News 15 Jan 2020

PRPS Recruitment for the 2021-22 Training year

NHS Education for Scotland are making preparations for the recruitment process for the July 2021 intake of PRPS trainees…

News 08 Jan 2020

Community Pharmacy Access to Medicines Complete

Community Pharmacists are able to access the resource from the Knowledge Network

News 13 Jan 2020

MCR Ready Reckoner

This week's MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated (13/1/2020) and is now available to download. If you have any questions …

News 01 Jan 2020

Operational Logbook January 2020

The Operational Logbook for January 2020 is now available to download.

News 19 Dec 2019

Pharmacy First Roadshows

We have created the Pharmacy First Info Hub your home to find any and all information regarding the changes happening to…

News 18 Dec 2019

National MAR Chart

You will have seen recent articles in the newsletter and may have heard discussions on the production of a National MAR …

News 09 Dec 2019

Unscheduled care service – beyond the PGD!

Winter is coming…and with it will come more requests to supply people with the medicine that they have run out of! You w…

News 09 Dec 2019

Experiential learning placements

We have had some feedback from the Schools of Pharmacy that in some cases, undergraduate MPharm students out on experien…

News 09 Dec 2019

Keep Antibiotics working campaign evaluation

The Scottish Government are undertaking a review of the recent “Keep antibiotics working” campaign, and are looking for …

News 28 Nov 2019

Nardil (Phenelzine) shortage - further guidance for pharmacy teams

You may have noticed that a Medicine Supply Alert Notice (MSAN) was issued in October for Nardil (Phenelzine) 15mg table…

News 19 Nov 2019

Chloramphenicol supply to children under the age of 2

You may be aware that the POM pack of Chloramphenicol eye drops has been discontinued. As the PGD which most Health Boar…

News 13 Nov 2019

Prescription Collection Bags- Arriving soon!

We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice, we’re looking to see who’s picked up once or twice… Nope, not Santa coming…

News 11 Nov 2019

NES OTC training materials

In February this year all community pharmacies in Scotland received a copy of the third in a series of training resource…

News 11 Nov 2019

Pain Association Scotland

We recently met with Pain Association Scotland, who offer community support for those living with chronic pain. This is …

News 07 Nov 2019

BDA Scotland Oral Cancer Campaign 2019

Join us in continuing the fight against rising oral cancer in Scotlands Oral cancers in Scotland are among the fastest …

News 04 Nov 2019

Independent prescribing in community pharmacy

You may be aware that recently, we welcomed Scottish Government funding (via NES) for over 60 community pharmacists to u…

News 31 Oct 2019

Registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

We would like to remind community pharmacy owners that all community pharmacy businesses must be registered with the ICO…

News 30 Oct 2019

New Shortages section

Here at CPS we are acutely aware that not a day goes by without some new information about shortages being published. We…

News 28 Oct 2019

Lothian NHS Flu Service from Community Pharmacies

This service has gone live from selected Community Pharmacies in Lothian, for patients aged 18/64 registered at one the …

News 28 Oct 2019

Medicine Supply Alert Notices

Nine medicine supply alert notices have been issued.

News 21 Oct 2019

National exit questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who has responded our national exit questionnaire so far – that’s over 100 of you! Please keep sha…

News 21 Oct 2019

GPhC Launches Dedicated Inspections Website

As part of their ongoing efforts to protect the public and drive improvement in the profession, the pharmacy regulator h…

News 21 Oct 2019

Do you have an interest in pain management?

Our colleagues at the Quality Improvement in Pharmacy Practice collaborative (QIPP) are on the hunt for volunteer pharma…

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