News 06 Aug 2020

Smoking and Vaping in Queues

We wrote to pharmacy teams a few weeks ago on behalf of the Scottish Government to raise the issue of smoking and vaping…

News 03 Aug 2020

NHS PFS – National Patient Group Directions

In case you missed it in amongst all the flurry of communications around NHS Pharmacy First Scotland, the national PGDs …

News 03 Aug 2020

Community Pharmacy and Test and Protect

This letter updates the pharmacy network on the latest around Test and Protect, face coverings and PPE use. In lig…

News 30 Jul 2020

Prescription Collection – Tuesday 4th August 2020

Tuesday 4th August 2020 is prescription collection courier day.  As the lockdown restrictions start to ease and we begin…

News 27 Jul 2020

Disallowed Items- Update

Every month you will receive your eSchedule from P&CFS, with a section regarding items that have been disallowed. At…

News 03 Aug 2020

MCR Ready Reckoner

This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated (03/08/2020) and is now available to download or you can view it via the…

News 23 Jul 2020

NHS 24 Prescribing Communications to Pharmacies

NHS 24 are introducing a new approach for remote prescribing where we would now be sending an email to the community pha…

News 22 Jul 2020

Updated Guidance on Vitamin D

Vitamin D is required for maintaining good bone health. Our main source comes  from sunlight.

News 21 Jul 2020

NES Resources Supporting Provisionally Registered & Senior Pharmacists

The GPhC registration assessment is the final requirement for GPhC registration following successful completion of the M…

News 16 Jul 2020

Guidance Sheet: NHS Pharmacy First Scotland in the Care Home setting

On the 29th of July 2020, a new service which offers consultations and advice for minor illnesses will be launched in al…

News 16 Jul 2020

Applications open for CPHB Associate Members

Some CPHB Committees still have vacancies available for Associate Members for the new term 2019-2022. Any Associate Memb…

News 15 Jul 2020

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland: GP team guidance

This week, the Scottish Government have sent all GP practice teams a short guidance leaflet on NHS Pharmacy First Scotla…

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