News 27 Jul 2021

Critical Worker Self Isolation Exemption – Scotland

The following detail has been issued regarding the critical worker self-isolation exemption process.

News 22 Jul 2021

Did you know? Funded NES Post-registration Foundation Programme

Are you or someone you employ nearing the end of the Foundation (Pre-registration) year? Wondering what's next?

News 22 Jul 2021

Applications open for CPHB Associate Members

At CPS, our Community Pharmacy Health Board committees are at the forefront of local service negotiation. Currently, a n…

News 22 Jul 2021

Registration Exam July 2021

Our colleagues at NES have asked us to pass on the following information about the support they are able to offer to tra…

News 19 Jul 2021

Courier Collection

It’s that time again, your next prescription collection date is tomorrow, Tuesday 20th July.

News 15 Jul 2021

Unscheduled Care PGD - Tell Us Your Thoughts

We work closely with our colleagues at NHS24 to do everything we can to support the use of the unscheduled care PGD, so …

News 08 Jul 2021

Gluten Free Food Service

The GFFS has been reviewed and the payment structure has been altered to better support the workload in CP.

News 08 Jul 2021

Community Pharmacy Access to MedicinesComplete

Community Pharmacists are able to access the resource from the Knowledge Network at

News 07 Jul 2021

£500 Claim for Locum and Sessional Paid Staff

Please find below the details from Scottish Government for the Locum Claim Form for the 500 payment.

News 06 Jul 2021

Post Registration Foundation Programme

Information for pharmacists who may wish to join the programme in September 2021.

News 26 Jul 2021

MCR Ready Reckoner

This week’s MCR Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to download or you can view it via the App.

News 01 Jul 2021

Adjusted Prices Review

As a part of our continuing discussions with the Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland, we regularly raise line…