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Monday, October 8, 2018

SAMH, we work to challenge stigma around mental health, promote good mental health and be there for people when they need us. The provision of good accurate information is vital to all these goals. Whether you are living with a mental health problem or supporting someone who is, accessing information is vital. We have published a range of easily accessible online materials that provide reliable and non-judgmental information that we hope can help you in your role as a pharmacist that cover topics including; understanding mental health, suicide and workplace wellbeing.

There is still stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health problems and this can be powered by misunderstanding and myths surrounding what different diagnosis mean. Our online series: Understanding Mental Health aims to alleviate these myths and provide detailed explanations of common mental health diagnosis including:

On average in Scotland 2 people die by suicide every day. We have developed various resources that can help support people experiencing suicidal thoughts themselves and how to support someone else that you may be worried about. For every one of the people that die by suicide, there are friends, family and colleagues left behind that may then look for support- we want to help afterwards too. The following links provide practical information about suicide:

Workplace well-being can be complex. Being in paid employment is generally considered to be a positive thing as it provides more than just a living, and can provide a sense of identity and belonging, contact and friendships, structure and an opportunity to accomplish goals. On the other hand, having a mental health problem while maintaining paid employment can be challenging, and work-related stress is the most common cause of work-related illness. Our online resources also seek to help both people in work, and employers understand workplace well-being:

Our Information Service is fully funded through money generously donated to support the work we do at SAMH. By supporting us as your Charity Partner you’re helping us continue to be here providing reliable information about mental health to people across Scotland. We appreciate all the help and support that we receive and would be grateful if you would like to help further. Each year thousands of people take on a fundraising challenge for SAMH, from running a marathon to jumping from a plane. These challenges may not be for everyone, but we would love any support from cheering people on to holding a collection tin. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with

The SAMH Information Service can be contacted by email; or by phone; 0141 530 1000. Resource booklets for various mental health problems and about suicide are also available to download on our website

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