My Journey to Community Pharmacy Scotland

Stephanie Menzies

Monday, August 12, 2019

After finishing university in 2016, I was the typical graduate. I realised the end of uni had come around much quicker than I thought it would, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I initially took a job in community pharmacy as a temporary stopgap while I worked out my future (to be fair, it’s still a work in progress!), and having worked in retail throughout my studies I thought I could use some of my experience and apply it to helping patients rather than just customers.

In my two years as a dispenser, I got what I’d expected plus much more. I loved the fast pace, learning about all the different processes and services along with their many nuances, and the feeling of satisfaction I got from putting patient care first, and being part of providing #MyJourney Quoteimportant first-line healthcare services. After that, I decided that I wanted to use the wealth of knowledge and skills I’d gained as a dispenser to support not just the pharmacy I worked in, but over 1250 community pharmacies across Scotland, by applying for a role at Community Pharmacy Scotland.

Working at CPS has expanded my knowledge about the services community pharmacy delivers, how those services are developed and negotiated, and how this feeds into the financial framework for pharmacy payments. I’ve compared it to an iceberg before; working in pharmacy I had the knowledge about services and payments which applied to the Health Board I worked in, but there was so much more information and intricacy under the surface that I had no idea about until I started at CPS! I love that even though I’m not working directly with patients anymore, I can still have an impact on patient care in the advice and support we give to our members. Community Pharmacy Scotland took the skills I already had and gave me an opportunity to use them in a totally different setting and develop them further than I ever thought possible.

If learning about Steph's journey to Community Pharmacy Scotland has encouraged you to find out more about the Pharmacy Services Assistant's role head on over to our vacancies section for the detail where you will find a job description, Terms & conditions of the post and an application form.

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