Minor Ailment Service (MAS) Report

So what is this report?

This report is both the largest and first nation-wide study, with respondents from every Health Board, of the Minor Ailment Service (MAS). This study was designed to capture the impressions and perceived efficacy of MAS by those who use it, so that the benefits of this service could be easily demonstrated.

What does the report conclude?

The report demonstrates just how popular MAS is with those who rely on it – 87% of those surveyed rated their satisfaction as 10/10 and their consultation experiences were consistently rated as ‘Excellent’ when using the CARE criteria. This report also shows that this service is an efficient use of NHS resources as 60% of users said they would have gone to their GP if the MAS service was unavailable to them.

Here at CPS we are delighted with this report and think that it highlights just how important and useful the Minor Ailment Service is.

Please see our press release for more analysis.

Extension of the Minor Ailment Service

CPS has been working with the Scottish Government to design an extend MAS which would be a service accessible to anyone registered with a GP in Scotland. The First Minister announced the extension of this service in September 2018 and although the fine details are still being worked out, we expect to see this updated service in 2019.

Further Information

Full Report

Interactive Press Release

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If you have any comments or queries on the report, please get in touch with Caroline Rooks, Public Affairs Officer, at caroline.rooks@cps.scot or 0131 467 7766.

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