Key Worker's template letter

Keyworker Provision of Childcare Letter

Keyworkers Provision of Childcare Letter

NHS Essential Pharmacy Roles Letter

Keyworkers Police Scotland Letter

Dedicated Shopping Slot Letter

Keyworkers Shopping Hours letter

Key Worker's template letter for pharmacy teams.

Pharmacy Teams - Key Workers

Pharmacy Teams are in Category 1

We have produced a template letter for Pharmacy Owners and Superintendents to use for their teams to provide the necessary details to schools and local authorities.

We understand that the next stage is for schools to make contact with parents and carers with details of plans for the coming week. Some local authorities have already done this.

As we receive more information, we will publish it on the website.

Details of John Swinney’s Statement can be found here:

Please send any questions to

COVID-19: Key Workers Police Scotland letter

We are aware of police officers stopping pharmacy team members on their way to and from work, as well as stopping delivery drivers on their routes. We have been in contact with Police Scotland who have confirmed that this patrolling is likely to continue as a potential enforcement measure for those not following government advice. Whilst NHS and Local authority workers have standardised proof that their work is essential, community pharmacy workers do not. We have agreed with Police Scotland to draft a covering letter which should be filled out with your details and branch-stamped. This will be available on our website shortly in the COVID-19 area. Each member of the team should carry a copy to speed up the process if stopped, and we are told that this will be accepted by officers.

COVID-19: NHS Community Pharmacy team Dedicated Shopping Slot letter

As of Thursday 26th March 2020 both Tesco and Morrison's are on board to accept our letter - we will update you as soon as we have more information about any other supermarkets.