About us

Who We Are

Community Pharmacy Scotland is the organisation which represents community pharmacy owners and their teams throughout Scotland

We act as the single voice of these vital healthcare professionals as they deliver pharmaceutical care services to the people of Scotland on behalf of NHS Scotland and in line with national and local priorities.

Community pharmacy owners are independent contractors whose businesses make up a diverse network of primary care providers. Their teams are the experts in medicines and are highly trained healthcare professionals who can provide advice on preventing and managing ill-health. Increasingly, community pharmacies are the first port of call for people experiencing minor illnesses and managing diagnosed long-term conditions. All Scottish community pharmacies offer core NHS services designed to meet these needs, and these are often complemented by local services that address more specific issues in each Health and Social Care Partnership.

Being situated in the heart of local communities, community pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals, making a difference to people’s quality of life day in, day out - and we are proud to work on their behalf.